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Dale Makin
Dale Makin
Dale is an experienced Paranormal Investigator, Author, Director, Writer and Producer who researches and studies everything related to the paranormal. Dale is most known for his involvement with the TV show Paranormal Truth which consists of him and fellow investigator Justin Cowell, visiting some of the most haunted locations around the globe in search of the paranormal. Dale’s ethos is that of a level-headed nature and is an open-minded sceptic.
Dale is also well known for his role as Executive Producer on the Amazon Prime TV series Ouija: Dicing with death?
which sees him, fellow investigator Justin Cowell and a specially selected crew travelling the lengths of the UK, to some of the most haunted locations, to determine if Ouija boards actually work or prove if the real catalyst is your subconscious mind.
Most mainstream TV programmes are there for “Entertainment Purposes Only” but Dale’s work sees that he approaches all investigations with an open-minded and sensible approach, and is always on the lookout for a logical explanation before automatically classing phenomena or natural events as paranormal. Dale has proven to be credible and integral in his field and this is reflected in Paranormal Truth and other projects that he is involved in.
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